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Immigrants from Germany: The Berberich Family 1580-1880   : German Family History 3:3:15.pdf German Historical Geography and the German Genealogist.pdf

Immigrants from Sweden: The Bergman & Wannerstrom Families 1750-1892

Jacob Klingenfus: Soldier on the Texas Frontier    Jacob Klingenfus.pdf

Family Trees                Berberich Ancestor Photos

Franz Matthäus Berberich (1798-1854) and his Children      Nancy Wyrick Genealogy: Nancy.pdf

Frank Joseph Berberich, (1875-1923) his Children and Grandchildren

Johannes Bergman (1750-1820) and his descendants Bergman.pdf

Maps - Where Our Ancestors Lived

Presentation: Resources for Swedish Historical Geography - Lantmateriet.pdf - Handout - Glossary

Ancestors From Sweden: Part 1, Northwest Skåne

Ancestors from Sweden: Part II, Central Skåne

Ancestors from Sweden: Part III, West Gotland

Ancestors from Sweden: Part IV, Locations Associated with Svante Lindberg

Individual Data Sheets for 19th Century Ancestors

Discussed in the Histories and Shown in Family Trees (above)

Berberichs and Morgans (or Morganthalers)

Franz Matthäus Berberich   FranzMatthausB.pdf     Great-Great-Grandfather’s Grave

Elisabeth Berberich Stoll   ElizabethB.pdf

Frank Joseph Berberich   FrankB.pdf

Catherine Morgan [Morgenthaler] Berberich   CatherineM.pdf

Marianne Berberich Bauer   MarianneB.pdf

Fritz Bauer   FritzB.pdf

Anthony Berberich   AnthonyB.pdf

Mary Morgenthaler Berberich   MaryM.pdf

Margaret Louise Berberich Klingenfus   MargaretLB.pdf

Jacob Friedrich Klingenfus   JacobK.pdf

Josephine Berberich Dayton Monteath   JosephineBDM.pdf

John H. Monteath   JohnM.pdf

Medart Morgenthaler   MedartM.pdf

Margaret Miller Morgenthaler Herwig   MargaretM.pdf

Carl Joseph Herwig   CarlH.pdf

Metart Morgenthaler   MetartM.pdf

Joseph Morgan [Morgenthaler]   JosephM.pdf

Wannerstroms and Bergmans

Johannes Bergman  JohannesBergman.pdf

Johannes Henrik Bergman  JohannesHenrikBergman.pdf

Johan Peter Bergman  JohanPeterBergman.pdf

Cecilia Månsdotter Bergman   CeciliaM.pdf

Per Nilsson Wannerstrom   PerW.pdf

Maria Georgina Bergman Wannerstrom   MariaGB.pdf

Martin Laurentius Bergman  MartinLaurentiusBergman.pdf