Pierre is the third, and treasured,

member of the household. He is a purebred Chartreux, born on October 9, 1999. He weighs 12½ pounds.


Sweet tempered and quiet, except when hungry, he is a classic “familiar,” happy to sit on a lap or just be in the same room. He enjoys parties and easily accepts strangers. He has a double layer of fur, a short silver underlayer, and a longer, so-called “blue” coat. His eyes are a deep coppery yellow.

Pierre eats one can of Science Diet per day: he prefers the “hairball

formula” Chicken Entree or Seafood Entree. He is healthy, has good

teeth, and is a perfect specimen of a neutered championship-quality

Chartreux male.

Dee Galloway cares for Pierre during the summer. He loves her, as we do, for her serene, artistic, and playful temperament.

Chartreux may have gotten their name from the Carthusian monks said to have raised them. More likely, they were named after the luxurious Carthusian wool. In the 17th and 18th centuries life became difficult for them because they were the source of fine glove linings and ladies’ muffs. Today’s breed is still rare, descended from cats found on Belle Île off the west coast of France. There are about 2,000 of them in the United States.